Pharmaceutical Integrated Line

Phamaceutical Product Packaging Line

Serpa is your trusted integrator for complete lines. We put together the complex pieces of the puzzle so you don't have to; integrating our own machines with other OEM systems to create the best solution for your packaging line.

Complete Pharmaceutical Bottle Integrated Packaging Line
Bottle Accumulation Table | Helper Label Printer | Weiler Labeling System | ④ Bundler | Serpa P100 Cartoner | Serpa P250 Top Load Case Packer | Serpa Dual Cell Palletizer

① Bottle Accumulation Table

The bottle accumulation table collects bottles and releases them through a timed system.

② Helper Code Printer

This machine prints a special code to the bottom of the bottles in this system for tracking and serialization purposes.

③ Weiler Labeler
Rotary Labeler RL-420

Designed for the application of a film or paper pressure sensitive label to virtually any shape container, the WLS RL-420 rotary labeler combines a robust modular platform with air-actuated top hold, and cam-activated or motor-driven product rotation.

④ Bundler
Gilead2228 Bundler

This line can be configured to feed from the WLS labeler to a bundler, with the bundles of bottles bypassing the cartoner and being sent to the P250 Top Load Case Packer.

⑤ Serpa P100 Cartoner

Individual bottles are sent to the P100 Cartoner after being labeled. This cartoner features an integrated high speed insert feeder, a tamper-evident labeler, and bottle stand-up before discharge.

⑥ Serpa P250 Case Packer

Bundles of bottles or cartons of bottles are sent to the P250 to be packed into cases. The Serpa easy case clear-out feature makes operating this case packer a breeze.

⑦ Serpa Twin Cell Palletizer

The P250 sends its pack and sealed cases to the Serpa Twin Cell Palletizer, where they are placed onto pallets. Two cells make it easy for cases to continue to be loaded while complete pallets are removed and replaced with a fresh pallet.

Integrated line from bottle accumulation table to palletizing

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