FM150 Beverage Cartoner

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Serpa’s robust build quality allows for 24/7 operation. Our machinery is built to outlast all competitors.

From inception, the FM150 was designed for ease of operation and maintenance. Our balcony design provides walk-in access for the operator and all reach points are no more than 18”. Fully captured flights on the cartoner minimize chain stretch and reduce maintenance needed. Our easy carton clear-out feature makes clearing jams effortless and rapid, allowing operation to resume in the blink of an eye. Changeover is toolless and takes less than ten minutes to complete. And as with all of our machines, we guarantee 98% uptime.


  • Robust build allows for 24/7 operation
  • Built to last 20+ years


  • Balcony design: fall through with no catch points or trap areas
  • Positive carton erecting with dual vacuum pre-break


  • No tools required
  • Can be completed in 10 minutes or less


  • Walk-in access to all parts of the machine
  • Easy carton clear-out feature makes clearing jams effortless
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For standard or slim aluminum cans or bottles.

This machine features nine configuration options for standard/slim cans or bottles. Also available in continuous motion design.

Five Star Service

Serpa's Best in Class service team is here to support you 24/7. With 24-hour turnaround time on emergency parts, we are committed to keeping your machinery running at maximum efficiency and guarantee 98% uptime.

Tool-less changeover takes less than three minutes

Watch our technician complete changeover from a 6 pack configuration to an 18 pack configuration in two minutes and forty two seconds.

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Serpa designs and manufactures a complete range of cartoning systems for the pharmaceutical, medical device, nutraceutical, food, cosmetics, and personal care markets. Since 1985, companies across the globe have looked to us to handle their most demanding secondary packaging challenges.

We provide horizontal, vertical, and top load cartoners that can accommodate both hand load and automatic load applications, designing systems capable of nearly any speed for the desired application. We also provide a broad range of end of line packaging solutions, including case and tray packers, robotic palletizers, literature feeders, paperboard sleeve wrappers, and robotic product handling systems. Additionally, Serpa provides line integration and validation services, designing turnkey integrated end of line packaging systems from start to finish with single source responsibility.

Serpa machines are designed to meet the needs of demanding production environments, featuring ease of maintenance, user-friendly operation, and rapid, repeatable changeover technology. Our high-performance systems can be designed to meet sanitary and FDA validation requirements and are backed by our strong customer support program to quickly resolve issues that may arise.

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