High Speed Insert Feeding System

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The Latest Insert Feeder Design
This industry-leading high speed insert feeding system features a patented design that solves all of the major insert feeding issues in the industry. It provides maximum access to all of the components from one side of the machine while maintaining a compact footprint. The high speed insert feeding system is ideally suited for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care, medical device or other applications that require an insert or coupon.

400+ PPM
The high speed insert feeding systems is capable of feeding inserts at speeds over 400 pieces per minute with very little operator intervention. Even at high speeds this system does not require the full time of an operator to maintain materials.

  • Very forgiving on insert variation
  • Inserts are driven through the process
  • No vertical troughs that rely on gravity to drop the inserts onto a belt
  • Fastest change over on the market with a wide range
  • Doesn’t require change over or change out troughs for different tray sizes
  • The most operator friendly tray loading in the industry
  • Compact footprint
  • Doesn’t require operator to tear open the end of the tray
  • Doesn’t require operator to strategically load trays
  • No “water fall” or gravity transition points
  • Positive, contained single transfer
  • Unique pick release without resistance of tabbing
  • 100% containment from pick to drop off point
  • Great access and clean out on entire unit