Beverage Carrier Applicator NEW

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This machine places sustainable paperboard beverage carriers on bottles or cans at high speeds. Designed for ease of use and the Serpa reliability you know to expect, this beverage carrier applicator operates at speeds of up to 1800 cans per minute and can accommodate 4 or 6-pack configurations, regular or slim cans.

The plastic-free Fishbone Beverage carrier is curbside recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable. This environmentally responsible carrier choice eliminates single use plastic from your packaging and comes in a variety of styles.

As with all Serpa machines, changeover is fast and accurate.

  • Patented, sustainable Fishbone applicator
  • Up to 1800 cans per minute
  • User friendlyFewer parts to time in
  • Fast and accurate changeoverLess than 10 minutes
  • Low maintenanceEasy access to all components
  • Outboard belt drivesLow noise, longer life
  • Standard can or slim/sleek designs available
  • Designed for use with biodegradable materials