4000 Automatic Tray Packer (ATP)

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The 4000 Automatic Tray Packer (ATP) is ideal for loose or pre-packed groups of bottles, vials and jars. It is ergonomically designed to tightly form a tray around product to create stable packs with minimum material at speeds up to 50 trays per minute. The 4000 Automatic Tray Packer meets all sanitary and FDA validation requirements with stainless steel, fall-through construction and is ideally suited for nutraceutical, medical device and personal care applications.

Oscillating Product Laner
The two-axis oscillating product laner conditions bulk product infeed into lanes. The oscillating motion ensures product fills each lane without jams.

An Automatic Tray Packer with Rapid, Repeatable Changeover
Quick and accurate changeover takes as little as 15 minutes with locally hung tools. Our unique quick-change product separators allow for quick product changeover without removing any chains.

Features & Benefits
  • Oscillating Product Laner2-axis laner conditions bulk product infeed into lanes
  • Quick-change Product SeparatorsAllows for quick changeover without removing chains
  • Fast and Accurate ChangeoverLess than 15 minutes
  • Low MaintenanceEasy access to all components provides for easy maintenance
  • User FriendlyFewer parts to time in
  • Available in Stainless Steel Construction