Industrial Integrated Line

Serpa is your trusted integrator for complete lines. We put together the complex pieces of the puzzle so you don't have to; integrating our own machines with other OEM systems to create the best solution for your packaging line.

Industrial Integrated Packaging Line
P120 Vertical Cartoner | P150 Intermittent Cartoner | P200 Side Load Case Packer

① P120 Vertical Cartoner

The P120 vertical cartoner receives auto parts on trays and loads them robotically. A delta robot discharges empty trays. This machine features a tuck closing and a carton laydown before discharge.

② P150 Intermittent Cartoner

The P150 intermittent cartoner receives the cartons of auto parts and collates. Groups of four cartons are loaded into the overcarton, tucked closed, and the outside of the carton is printed before discharge.

③ P200 Side Load Case Packer

The P200 case packer receives the cartons and collates using an upstacker. The case is erected, cartons are loaded, and the case is sealed with tape. A print and apply labeler applies a label prior to discharge.

Integrated line from product infeed to case discharge

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