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Pharma & Nutraceutical Packaging Solutions

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Serpa meets all sanitary and FDA validation requirements, our ergonomically-designed packaging equipment is available in both sanitary- and balcony-style construction. Our extensive experience with serialization, multiple insert feeding capabilities, super-efficient/high-speed leaflet feeding as well as partition placement all add up to high-performance results. Serpa’s packaging equipment is designed for easy access, maintenance-friendly operation and offers rapid verified and automatic changeovers.

Bottles 2 sm


Cartons 1 sm


Blisters 2 sm


Vials 3 sm


Syringes 2 A sm


Pouches Bags 1 sm sm


Sachets 1 sm sm


Leaflets 2 A sm

Leaflets, Inserts, Booklets


Cartoning bottles with insert and dosage cup

Tray packing vials

Case Packing

Robotic Palletizing

Custom Solutions

Other Industries

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