Our cartoning equipment includes horizontal and vertical cartoners in both hand-load and auto-load models available with intermittent motion or continuous motion. Our cartoners start with rugged frames and are built for three-shift per day operation. They are ideal for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care and medical device applications and will run up to 500 pieces per minute. All Serpa cartoners include sanitary frames for product fall-through and our Orbital Carton Erector with prebreak feature. All Serpa cartoners feature our Rapid Changeover Technology that utilizes quick, no-tool changeovers with easy to use digital dials, scales and permanently riveted tags for easy identification. Fully Automatic Changeover is also available on every machine we build.

P100 Horizontal Cartoner

This state-of-the-art cartoner features a balcony-design that provides maximum access to all of the
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P120 Vertical Cartoner

The P120 Vertical Cartoner is a state-of-the-art cartoner featuring a compact stainless steel constr
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P150 Intermittent Cartoner

The P150 Intermittent Cartoner features a balcony design that provides maximum access to all of the
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Top Load Cartoner

The modular Top Load Cartoner family of machines feature designs that provide maximum access to all
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2000ML Cartoner

The 2000ML Cartoner is a versatile semi-automatic cartoner designed to package a range of products a
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